Monday, November 16, 2009

Sales Tip 103: Great First Impressions

· Lasting Impressions are invaluable
· First impressions usually begin before they meet you…advertising, direct mail, web, community appearance , homes under construction…ask them “What do you think?”
· Impression of “you” will ultimately lead to their purchase decision
· Be a good listener
· Show empathy/compassion; tell them you want the experience to be a good one for them
· Look “good”; Always present a professional appearance
· Be knowledgeable, Demonstrate that you are the expert
· Be excited, upbeat…don’t lose sight of the fact that it is the customer’s first time in. Be a Cheerleader for them!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sales Tip 102: Reasons for Buying a New Home

· Remind Buyers that they now have a choice of colors schemes, home styles, amenity packages (if applicable) that they will not get in a resale. With resales, they may have to spend a lot of extra time and money getting that resale to look the way they want it to look
· Emphasize your builders numerous years in the homebuilding industry – Demonstrate their reputation by sharing testimonials written by previous customers. No testimonials? Ask current homeowners if they are happy and would they be willing to write a note to that effect.
· Show you are part of a Professional team – sales rep/construction manager/builder relationship. Make a photo collage of all team players involved in your project; have it displayed in your sales center, and talk about it!
· Peace of mind – Make sure your show your warranty literature to all prospects; focus on both the products warranties as well as they structural/systems (plumbing/ heating/coolong/electrical warranties) that are not comprehensive on a resale
· Choice of floor plans – You don’t have to settle for someone else’s floorplan/exterior elevation/color scheme mistakes
· New – Clean
· Energy efficient/Emphasize green products and your builders commitment to the environment

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sales Tip 101: How to Restore Confidence - Why Buy Now

Use need based selling skill set - instilling confidence in them and their decision to purchase a new home starts with you. Ask "Why are you looking today?"

Communicate value in today's prices. Adjust prices to today's market no matter how painful.

Focus on consumer friendly interest rates. This Buyer's Market won't last forever...neither will these interest rates.

Relationship building is more important now than ever before. People buy from people they like. Be likable!

Do your homework on the resale market, especially on the background of their current neighborhood if they are local. Be familiar with the resales in your market. Show them that resale housed priced correctly are selling.

Don't take traffic for granted. Prospects who are looking are serious.

Be a proof source. "If I did not believe in home ownership as a long term wealth building strategy, I would nto be selling new homes for a living!"