Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sales Tip 117: "Getting the Customer Back Out"

Once your prospect has signed in with you, the contact information on their card becomes critical in your ability to get them to become a "Be-Back". Here are some suggestions for turning a prospect into a "Be-Back".
Review the prospect card before calling:
  • Smile - A smile can be seen, even over the telephone. Be enthusiastic!
  • Be Creative - Have a reason for calling. You can even prepare a script to follow
  • Talk about the prospect - his/her needs/desires/problems
  • Identify yourself to the party to whom you are speaking (state your name and company). Ask if he/she has a moment to talk with you
  • Schedule appointment when he/she can return to the sales office to learn more about your community
  • If customer is totally uninterested, determine if you can get a referral. Remember to always ask for a referral at the end of every presentation