Monday, March 29, 2010

Sales Tip 105: “Selling Your Location”

· Be the mayor of your community and location. This is how you do it!
· Figure out what buyer is looking for before you support wrong information. Find dislikes of current location they are in.
· Don’t take your location for granted.
· Use current neighbor stories to help sell location.
· Know about growth coming to the area.
· Know your area.
· Determine your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition). What is so special about your community (and do not rely solely on great location/ close to commuter routes and good schools!) Be Creative or your community will end up sounding like 99 other ones!
· Know general location information of surrounding communities to direct them to if prospect does not work for your location. Think future referrals if they are happy with where you sent them to look