Friday, September 11, 2009

Sales Tip 101: How to Restore Confidence - Why Buy Now

Use need based selling skill set - instilling confidence in them and their decision to purchase a new home starts with you. Ask "Why are you looking today?"

Communicate value in today's prices. Adjust prices to today's market no matter how painful.

Focus on consumer friendly interest rates. This Buyer's Market won't last forever...neither will these interest rates.

Relationship building is more important now than ever before. People buy from people they like. Be likable!

Do your homework on the resale market, especially on the background of their current neighborhood if they are local. Be familiar with the resales in your market. Show them that resale housed priced correctly are selling.

Don't take traffic for granted. Prospects who are looking are serious.

Be a proof source. "If I did not believe in home ownership as a long term wealth building strategy, I would nto be selling new homes for a living!"