Friday, October 2, 2009

Sales Tip 102: Reasons for Buying a New Home

· Remind Buyers that they now have a choice of colors schemes, home styles, amenity packages (if applicable) that they will not get in a resale. With resales, they may have to spend a lot of extra time and money getting that resale to look the way they want it to look
· Emphasize your builders numerous years in the homebuilding industry – Demonstrate their reputation by sharing testimonials written by previous customers. No testimonials? Ask current homeowners if they are happy and would they be willing to write a note to that effect.
· Show you are part of a Professional team – sales rep/construction manager/builder relationship. Make a photo collage of all team players involved in your project; have it displayed in your sales center, and talk about it!
· Peace of mind – Make sure your show your warranty literature to all prospects; focus on both the products warranties as well as they structural/systems (plumbing/ heating/coolong/electrical warranties) that are not comprehensive on a resale
· Choice of floor plans – You don’t have to settle for someone else’s floorplan/exterior elevation/color scheme mistakes
· New – Clean
· Energy efficient/Emphasize green products and your builders commitment to the environment