Friday, July 1, 2011

Sales Tip 126: "Earn the Right to Close"

Closing is not just a moment in time when we ask for the check or sale. It is the total process that leads the customer from one decision to the next. Earning the right to close is an important ingredient in the sales process. We must successfully complete the stages that set up the close in order for the close to be natural. We want to create an atmosphere where the customer would be surprised if we didn’t ask for the sale. The more decisions we get from the customer along the way, the more natural the close will be. Three things that must happened before the close can occur:

Rapport: A comfortable trusting relationship must be formed before closing can take place

Enthusiasm: You must believe in your product and love what you are doing

Qualifying: Before you close you must determine the following -
 Do they need it?

 Can they afford it?

 Can they use it?

 Do they want it and are they willing to make the sacrifices to get it?

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