Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sales Tip 125: “The Power of Thoughtfulness”

Think about the one who got away. They came into your community with certain expectations that you were not able to offer, say, a wooded homesite. After the prospect saw you he went to a competitor who told him you are sold out of wooded homesites so if that’s what he wants he needs to buy from him. When you call to follow-up 3 days later the prospect is not inclined to even answer the call because he knows you do not have what he wants. By now he has received your card with a great relevant article you were previously discussing. He feels bad just letting you go to voice mail after all the work you have put into this sale, so he picks up to tell you he’s decided to buy from the competitor. Now you have another opportunity to sell that prospect a home that you never would have had if he didn’t feel he owed you a conversation to tell you he was buying someplace else. This is a powerful concept and it’s easy to put into motion. Here is a sample of things you can do for your prospects that they would appreciate enough to reciprocate the gesture:
• Send a picture of their favorite room in the model

• Doing research in the area for them. Are they into adult softball leagues? Do they need a short term rental? How about info on gym memberships? You do the leg work for them

• Send a birthday card or get well card if one of their family members is ill

• Congratulations cards if they were recently engaged

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